Lunar Rescue

Regarded by some as a spin-off to Space Invaders, this 1979 title from Taito sees you descending to the lunar surface to rescue astronauts, then blasting UFOs on the way back up.

Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Available on: Arcade, PS2/Xbox/PC (Taito Legends 2)

Articles about Lunar Rescue

Taito Essentials: Lunar Rescue - When someone mentions Taito arcade games from the 1970s, the first one that doubtless immediately springs to mind is the genre-defining Space Invaders. However, this is far from the only game Taito put out in these early years of the games business — and moreover, it’s far from the only good one, too. Today, we’re taking a … Continue reading Taito Essentials: Lunar Rescue


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