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Warriors Wednesday: Never Let Zhao Yun Tank – Warriors Orochi #42

Orochi’s armies are growing in strength in an attempt to counter the growing confidence of the Shu forces.

Zhao Yun can practically smell his master Liu Bei now — not literally, ’cause that’d be weird — and his friends are relieved to know that victory is within sight.

There are still a few challenges left to overcome, though… and as we’ve seen numerous times up until now, complacency can be a Warrior’s worst enemy!

Warriors Wednesday: Gratuitous Panty Shot – Warriors Orochi #40

With an outfit like that, it was only a matter of time before Zhurong gave the people what they wanted. And in slow-motion, too!

Ahem. Anyway, besides that little diversion, today’s Warriors Orochi outing sees the Shu gang teaming up with Wu’s Sun Ce in yet another sure-to-fail attempt to track down the perpetually absent Liu Bei. Will Zhao Yun ever be reunited with the man he lov– err… I mean, his master?

Only time will tell! For now, enjoy the barbaric butt-kicking, courtesy of Zhurong.

Warriors Wednesday: Ganbare So Ganbare – Warriors Orochi #37

The Shu campaign in Warriors Orochi continues today with another side mission, this time featuring everyone’s favourite thief, Goemon.

Goemon has been doing what he does best: nicking stuff. So it’s up to the crack all-girl team of Zhurong, Yueying and Ginchiyo Tachibana to save the day… or at least all the stolen stuff, anyway.

And perhaps we can even recruit Goemon to our cause if we try hard enough… but you know what they say about setting a thief to catch a thief — I feel like our band of lovely ladies might be just a little too honest for their own good under these circumstances!

Warriors Wednesday: How The Wild Man Does It – Warriors Orochi #26

How DOES The Wild Man do it? Find out in today’s thrilling installment of Warriors Wednesday, as the Wu forces attempt to prove themselves to Keiji Maeda.

If you were looking forward to seeing my smiling face again on this video, apologies to disappoint; I recorded this before I got the new gear necessary to display my smiling face on videos. If, on the other hand, you were disgusted and repulsed by my fearful countenance in Sunday’s Split/Second video, consider this momentary relief.

Hit the jump to see how today’s battle went.

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Warriors Wednesday: Ina Bit of a Pickle – Warriors Orochi #24

Things are heating up!

After a few missions where things have gone mostly smoothly for the Wu boys and girls (and friends) it seems we’re starting to encounter a little bit more in the way of resistance… even with all those lovely Abilities unlocked!

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures… so now seems like an ideal time to start levelling yet another character from 1, right? Come on down, Ina…

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Warriors Wednesday: Enter Kunoichi – Warriors Orochi #23

The Wu campaign continues as the Sun family comes to blows over the recapture of their father.

In this installment, the Battle of Sekigahara, we retire the ever-reliable Ranmaru Mori for now in favour of newcomer Kunoichi, who turned up in the previous battle. She is joined by Taishi “Prepare to Die” Ci and Lady Nō to form what appears to be a pretty respectable fighting team.

Hit the jump to see how the battle went this time around…

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Warriors Wednesday: Yes, We Have No Bananas – Warriors Orochi #22

Today on Warriors Wednesday, it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to my cat Meg, who thought she would participate in the beginning of this video.

After that, we get thoroughly acquainted with the lovely Lady Nō, who is primed and ready to get you all hot under the collar before ruthlessly killing you.

Hit the jump to see how today’s mission went, and how Lady Nō deals with a bad case of how do you like my halberds?

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