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Are You Subscribed to TangoPunk Yet?

Regular readers may recall that a short while ago I posted an article about a brand-new zine known as TangoPunk that launched recently. Since that article, I’ve subscribed to said zine via Patreon, and the second issue is now in the hands of the growing group of subscribers!

Author TangoBunny is a supportive, enthusiastic and very kind person, so even though I’m already giving her money to get her A5-format bunny boobs and pachinko analysis through my letterbox every so often, I wanted to show her a bit of support and perhaps throw some new subscribers her way.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you all a bit of a look at issue 2 of TangoPunk. And if you like what you see, head on over to the Patreon page to subscribe!

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TangoPunk: The Zine Scene is Alive and Well

The rise of the Internet caused a quantum shift in how we enjoy our media. And magazines were one of the areas most affected by this change.

Whereas we once got most of our relatively up-to-date news and information on our hobbies from glossy periodicals, today we simply hop on a website and read the headlines, check our feed readers or get angry at things on Twitter.

That doesn’t mean there’s no place for magazines any more, however — I’ve long been a believer in this. In fact, I believe magazines now have a new, distinct and worthwhile purpose which is well worth exploring. Which is why I was so excited when a creator named Tango reached out to me last week, offering me a look at the first issue of her new publication, TangoPunk. So let’s explore that first issue together!

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Atari A to Z: Uncle Henry’s Nuclear Waste Dump

It’s kind of strange to think that puzzle games — at least how we know them today — were a relatively late evolution compared to other genres.

Today’s Atari 8-bit title is a type-in BASIC listing from popular Atari magazine Antic, and was developed by someone who had never seen or heard of Tetris at the time. It’s a fun little puzzler, and an interesting example of the very early days of a genre we take for granted today.

It’s also surprisingly bloody hard, despite the simple concept! After a while all that nuclear waste just melts your brain, I think…

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