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Some Gaming YouTubers Worth Your Time

Hello, dear reader, and thank you, as ever, for continuing to support MoeGamer and my other projects with your generous, kind eyes — which, by the way, are looking beautiful this evening.

I’ll level with you, I have a busy evening ahead of me and nothing in particular planned to write about after a stressful couple of weeks in which I haven’t had nearly enough time to do everything I want… so in the interests of providing you with some sort of Content™ that you might find vaguely interesting, I thought I’d collect together some YouTubers I’ve been very much enjoying of late. Besides myself, I mean. Obviously my own channel is very good indeed and you should definitely go and subscribe. But what about other people, for when you get tired of my delightfully rich and fruity voice?

Join me beneath the fold and we’ll explore a bit… with a particular emphasis on slightly smaller, retro gaming-centric YouTubers that you may not have heard of, particularly if you’re in the States.

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GAMERS! The Feel-Good Anime of the Summer

Less than five minutes after the first episode of GAMERS! started, I had a broad grin on my face.

This, it was abundantly clear, was a show put together by people who understood gaming. People who understood why people play, why they feel so passionate about their hobby — and even why, at times, you just want to enjoy it by yourself without sharing it with others.

After the two episodes that have already aired at the time of writing, the show is already a delight, and looks like being a distinctly “feel-good” summer hit.

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