A Kickstarter-funded modern-day retro puzzle platformer. Originally developed for Mega Drive using 68000 assembler and authentic ’90s style development methods. Available as part of the Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood cartridge for the Evercade retro gaming system.

Developer: Big Evil Corp
Publisher: Big Evil Corp
Available on: Mega Drive, PC, Switch, Evercade

Articles about Tanglewood

Evercade A to Z: Tanglewood - The Evercade isn’t just about old games — it’s also about new games developed for old platforms. Tanglewood, one half of the eleventh cartridge in the system’s library, is a great example. Developed in 2018 making a specific effort to use authentically ’90s-style techniques and tools that Mega Drive programmers would have used back in … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Tanglewood
Tanglewood: Outfoxed at Every Turn - Following the initial batch of ten cartridges for the Evercade retro gaming platform, one of the releases that people were most excited for was cartridge number 11: a double pack featuring arena shooter Xeno Crisis and platformer Tanglewood. We’ll get to Xeno Crisis in due course, but I wanted to make a point of looking at Tanglewood first. Because … Continue reading Tanglewood: Outfoxed at Every Turn


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