Ninja Commando

Indirect follow-up to Ninja Combat, switching perspectives to top down and doing a much better job of balancing difficulty. Also released as part of the ADK Damashii collection for PS2 and PS4.

Developer: ADK
Publisher: SNK
Available on: Neo Geo, PS2 (Japan only), PS4

Articles about Ninja Commando

Atari A to Z: Ninja Commando - Video games have always had a budget sector — and much like low-cost digital download games are often highly creative today, the same was true for the straight-to-cassette budget sector for the Atari 8-bit. Zeppelin Games was one of the more noteworthy budget specialists, in that they consistently produced high-quality games and then released them … Continue reading Atari A to Z: Ninja Commando
Ninja Commando: Tiger and Dragon (And Eagle) - ADK’s Ninja Combat is, as we’ve previously established, a game that is fun in principle but somewhat lacking in execution due to its extremely questionable difficulty balancing. Two years after Ninja Combat helped to launch the Neo Geo, ADK returned to all things ninja with a spiritual successor. Enter Ninja Commando, which brought with it a shift in perspective … Continue reading Ninja Commando: Tiger and Dragon (And Eagle)


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