Ghost Blade HD

A ’90s inspired shoot ’em up and enhanced reimagining of a 2015 Dreamcast game, Ghost Blade HD is a DoDonPachi-style bullet hell shooter with gorgeous graphics, a great soundtrack and an incredibly addictive Score Attack mode.

Developer: Hucast Games
Publisher: 2Dream
Available on: Windows PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One

Articles about Ghost Blade HD

Shmup Essentials: Ghost Blade HD - Those with a longstanding interest in the worldwide shoot ’em up scene may well be familiar with German developer Hucast Games. A developer primarily known for helping resurrect Sega’s defunct Dreamcast platform for modern audiences through the release of original, new arcade-style games for the system, Hucast’s work has had mixed reception over the years … Continue reading Shmup Essentials: Ghost Blade HD

Gameplay video


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