Atari A to Z Flashback: Fatal Run

Wouldn’t you know it? A comet has hit the Earth, bathing the entire planet in deadly radiation that, apparently, we will have developed a “vaccine” against by the late 21st century.

Naturally, rather than attempting to organise some sort of large-scale relief effort to distribute this life-saving vaccine to the world’s population, the only possible solution to this disastrous situation is to send one dude in a machine gun-equipped car across the world and hope he knows how to assemble a rocket at the far end of his journey.

Oh, did I not mention the rocket? There’s a rocket to assemble, too. And launch codes to discover. But mostly a lot of driving and blasting anything unfortunate enough to get in your way on the road…

Atari A to Z

2 thoughts on “Atari A to Z Flashback: Fatal Run”

    1. Yeah, quite an impressive achievement, all told. There’s apparently a 7800 version too, and that looks really cool! I’m going to have to explore the 7800 in detail at some point — such an interesting system.

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