Final Fantasy Marathon: Leila, Warp! – Final Fantasy II #5

The early Final Fantasies are interesting to return to, as they show the origins of various things that have become series mainstays over the years.

Today in Final Fantasy II, we see the first mention of the Dragoons in the series; while you can’t actually be a Dragoon in Final Fantasy II, you do learn a little bit about them and their companion Wyverns. We also see the Lifestream for the first time; this concept hasn’t been in every Final Fantasy, but it does play a prominent role in both Final Fantasy VII and, of all things, the CG movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Bet you’d forgotten about that, hadn’t you?

Maria also spends a lot of time training her Scourge spell, and we get into a real mess trying to get back out of a dungeon. Because, well, we’ve set a certain amount of precedent at this point, haven’t we?

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Marathon: Leila, Warp! – Final Fantasy II #5”

  1. I’m sure you’ve realized it by now, but the reason why the Hill Gigas’ were doing so much damage sometimes was just them rolling more successful hits on you, i.e. when they only got 1 Hit, they did mediocre damage, but when they got 2 (and especially 3), it shot up remarkably. It wouldn’t surprise me if they also had a weird FFV axe “damage=attack times 0.5 to 1.5” modifier going on, but you’d have to look at the formulas for that. Not too sure why Leilas damage shot up compared to Firions, though it is probably either a strange formula for knives or lucky rolls on damage.

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