New Game Plus: Cabbage Girl – Atelier Rorona DX #6

“It’ll be a short episode,” he says, then proceeding to play for an hour and a half. I was having fun, though!

Yes, this week’s episode of New Game Plus runs a little longer than intended, but, well, there were important things to do. Very important things. Like the cabbage competition in the annual festival!

Hit the jump to see just why everyone is calling Rorona “Cabbage Girl”…

The reason this one ran a bit long is because it was tricky to find a natural break along the way! So I just ploughed on to the end of the chapter and… well, here we are.

This episode brings us to the end of the first year of Atelier Rorona’s narrative in our New Game Plus run. So far the things we’ve carried over from my first playthrough of the game have been making everything much easier, leaving us with plenty of free time to grind both adventurer and alchemy experience.

Now it’s the second year, we need to start paying attention to things like friendship levels and special events… particularly if we want to conclude the run with any or all of the endings I’ve been after!

More about the Atelier Arland trilogy

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