Sunday Driving: It Keeps Happening – OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast #5

Oh, Flagman. Why do you taunt me so? Why does beating Clarissa in a straight-up race through the easiest courses in the game seem to be such a challenge?

Who knows. And apparently after today’s experimentation, it is not the car that is to blame — though it may well be my driving. It seems that flipping over your extremely expensive sports car on the final corners of the race may well cost you a few valuable seconds as well as a few thousand dollars.

Hit the jump to see today’s efforts…

I thought taking the Ferrari F50 — classified as an “Intermediate” car — into the final race of Flagman’s Novice circuit might be a good idea. Surely its increased top speed over the two “Novice” cars would be a good thing, right?

Well, everything seemed to be going quite well for most of the race until that goddamn final corner threw a spanner in the works as usual. I think I am drifting too much if anything; it’s making the car hard to control through those last few corners, and costing me enough seconds to drop me from first down to fourth or fifth!

One day we’ll get it. Even if it means unlocking a super-powerful beast of a car!

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