New Game Plus: Kirie Eleison – Project Zero #3

Load up your film, kiddies, we’re going for another photography field trip.

This time around, we take on the last tier of Project Zero’s Mission Mode, featuring battles against multiple ghosts at once and a rematch against the game’s final boss, Kirie.

There are some great rewards on offer, but there are also some stiff challenges in our way… hit the jump to see how I got on!

Project Zero’s postgame is clearly intended to be tackled in several distinct phases, though you’re free to jump around as much as you want.

The first, which we’ve been concentrating on for these three episodes, involves fighting through the twenty Battle Mode scenarios with an eye on completing them rather than getting a high rank. We attained that goal today.

The second, which we’ll look at next, involves replaying the game’s Story Mode on the Nightmare difficulty that unlocks when you clear all the Mission Mode challenges for the first time.

And finally, by the time you accomplish that, you should have attained enough points to unlock and upgrade all of the Camera Obscura’s capabilities and take on the real final challenge: scoring an “S” rank in all of those missions.

There’s a special costume waiting for me if I do all that. And anyone who knows me well will be very much aware of the fact that I am a sucker for a special costume…

More about Project Zero

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