Waifu Wednesday: The Hundred Honeys Project – Sitri’s Pick

Well, it’s been a while since we last checked in with the Honeys, so by popular request (all right, one person asked) it’s high time we paid them a visit.

Today I decided to let in-game assistant Sitri do all the hard work in terms of character design, while I’d do “the easy bit” — posing them in a suitable environment.

Several hours later, I feel like I may have gotten the raw end of the deal here… but the results were worth it!

For those unfamiliar with Honey Select Unlimited… well, first go read my writeup on the main game and a bit about its history. Done that? Thank you! You will now hopefully know that you can bring new characters into the game in one of three ways: downloading cards (as we did last time), designing them yourself (as we did the first few times) or asking the game to design you a perfect partner based on a few criteria.

This is what I mean by asking Sitri to do it. So here’s what she came up with.

First up we have Yukino Kajita, who is boyish and moderately interested in me, but otherwise fairly unremarkable. She was the result of a request for someone with long hair, light skin, short height, small boobs and a slim build. She certainly looks delightfully summery.

Moreover, she found herself fitting right into the group, who decided to get a bit more rowdy than usual this time around. Party in the lobby! You can’t see it here, but she’s stepping on Miya’s arse on the floor. We shall return to what Miya is up to in due course.

Next we have Yuuki Aizawa, who is pretty much the opposite of the settings that created Yukino. I find it kind of interesting that she came out looking like an older woman attempting to get away with dressing up like a particularly slutty teenager. Hey, she’s working it.

Her breasts may be relatively modest by Honey Select standards, but she’s still pretty pleased with them. And apparently a bit sweaty. She hasn’t even been doing anything. Although if I was in that lobby with that many people, I’d probably be sweating a bit too.

Next we have Ranka Wesker, who may or may not be related to Resident Evil’s Wesker. She doesn’t seem very evil, though… apart from that shirt, which is gloriously horrible. She’s pretty chill and a bit of a clean freak. She also has very pale skin and big boobs. And she’s very tall.

She also came out looking pretty cool… apart from that shirt. I’d hang out with her. I certainly don’t have a leg to stand on criticising anyone’s fashion sense, anyway, so we’d probably get along just fine.

Next we have Charlot [sic] White, who was the result of a request for a completely average elf. She is an energetic, commandable masochist, apparently. I have not yet investigated this aspect of her.

She’s got a cheeky face, though. I like that. Also those earrings are crazy… but, well, she’s an elf. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em… ears, that is.

Next we have Shamar Mizusa, who is wearing a very nice dress and has cool hair. She’s silent and lazy, and was the result of pretty much complete randomisation, with no preferences indicated aside from the fact she should have accessories, and she should have a tattoo somewhere. I’m not sure where her tattoo is, but it appears to be somewhere that is not readily visible.

She has a quiet dignity about her, for sure. What you can’t really see in this picture is her super-long hair that goes all the way down her back in two fancy anime-style plaits. Pretty cool. But probably highly impractical.

Miyuki Hozumi is a lazy yandere sadist. She’d be dangerous if she could be bothered, but most of the time she just can’t be arsed. She has also shown up to the photoshoot wearing the same dress as Shamar. Oh no!

She has quite the formidable pair on her, though, and I feel this is emphasised somewhat by the fact she’s quite short. I would call her “well-proportioned”, but that’s probably just my own preferences talking.

And finally, we come to Maon Nagase, a serious, frustrated masochist who has already been charmed by me. She’s wearing a cool witch ensemble (complete with spider-web tights) and, to be perfectly frank, pushes quite a lot of my buttons.

Wait, don’t go… I see you standing by the exit ready to make a quick getaway, why don’t we go for a dri– oh, never mind.

So that is The Hundred Honeys Project as it stands so far. We’re now up to 41 characters and my computer is really starting to creak a bit under the pressure. I’m not sure how much more it’s going to take… but we’ll revisit this at least once more before my graphics card catches fire to see how far we can get!

Oh, and about Miya… I just wanted to share this shot, as the facial expressions just came out too perfectly.

And here’s a large version of the full shot if you want to take a closer look — click to see it full size.

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