Sunday Driving: Fear the Mighty Yaris – Auto Modellista #2

I enjoyed Auto Modellista so much when I tried it for the first time last week that I felt it deserved another look or two. So that’s what we’re up to today!

For the unfamiliar, Auto Modellista is a 2002 release from Capcom that, alongside Monster Hunter and Resident Evil Outbreak, was supposed to be Capcom’s big break into online gaming. That, uh, didn’t quite work out — indeed, the initial Western release of Auto Modellista didn’t have any online modes at all — but it didn’t stop it being a cool, immensely stylish game.

Hit the jump for the latest video to see what I mean!

Today, rather than exploring the game in wide-eyed wonderment like last week, I focus on actually clearing a few races and getting a feel for how the various cars in the game differ from one another. Turns out the diminutive little Toyota Yaris which I’ve modelled after my real-life ride (well, if my real-life ride was approximately 15 years older than it is) is a formidable opponent in a variety of situations!

Uphill, downhill, circuit racing… who says hot hatchbacks can’t compete? Not I, not I…

More about Auto Modellista

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Driving: Fear the Mighty Yaris – Auto Modellista #2”

  1. Haven’t watched the entire video seeing as it’s almost nearing my bedtime, but I have to say that this game still looks pretty decent seeing part of this video. Especially when compared to modern day games. This game has withstood the test of time quite well if you ask me 😊

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