Sunday Driving: Scud Racer – Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed #3

It’s time for another episode of Sunday Driving and the continuation of Amy’s world tour in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

I noticed the quality on the previous videos was lower than it has been from my previous PC game captures, likely due to the fact that some combination of Windows 10 and/or my switch to SSD has meant that I’ve been having to re-encode captured video to a constant frame rate otherwise I get audio sync issues. This time around I’ve used higher quality settings, so let me know if you notice the difference.

Hit the jump to see the video!

In this third episode, we continue through the game’s World Tour mode, moving through the final stages of the second tour and into the third. Along the way you’ll get a chance to see how the game gradually increases in difficulty as you progress, both through the tasks it sets you and the complexity of the actual courses it sets these tasks on.

I’ve been really enjoying revisiting this game on PC, and in terms of content the PC version is the best thanks to the additional characters Sega added after launch. Sadly, it’s digital-only on Steam, so that means no physical version to collect, but the console versions are solid too — they just don’t have quite as many characters and don’t run quite as smoothly.

Will Team Sonic Racing be as good as this? We have no real way of knowing at the time of writing — but in the meantime, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is still very much worth your time and money.

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