Sunday Driving: Blur – Shunting Shannon

My revisiting of old arcade racers continues with another blast on Bizarre Creations’ wonderful Blur.

This week, we progress a little further in the game’s substantial single-player campaign, including taking on the first of the game’s boss encounters: Shannon.

Be sure to let me know either here or on YouTube if you want to see more Blur or switch to a different arcade racer for a bit for future installments in this series… and, of course, hit the jump for the video itself.

EDIT: Apologies for the frozen video towards the beginning, there was some sort of error on the original video I didn’t notice during rendering and upload. No way to fix, unfortunately! Skip to 11:29 or so and the visuals will resume.

It’s a bummer that no-one is playing Blur’s multiplayer any more as it was a really cool adaptation of Call of Duty’s progression systems to a completely different genre. You’d earn experience points depending on your performance (including both match results and individual actions you performed in a single event) and, as you progressed, you’d earn Perks that could tweak the way you played somewhat.

Like Call of Duty, these Perks weren’t necessarily “better” than one another; they simply allowed you to customise how you played the game. One, for example, allowed you to deal damage when you rammed other cars — not something that happened by default — while others might allow you to earn bonus experience, deal more damage or be immune to certain power-ups.

Single-player mode still has a progression system of sorts, but it’s primarily for unlocking new cars and acting as an overall “score”. It’s still satisfying… but, man, I miss the multiplayer good times I had in this game!

More about Blur

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