The MoeGamer Discord

Hi folks, just a brief announcement: the MoeGamer Discord is open for business, currently to Patrons and specifically-invited personal friends.

If you’d like to join up, head on over to the Patreon page and pledge $1 or more a month to be automatically invited. If you delete your pledge later, I won’t kick you from the server unless you’re a massive jerk, in which case I doubt you would have given me money in the first place.

I’m making a special exception to the “Patrons-only” rule specifically for members of the WordPress aniblogger community who regularly read and comment here, since you’re all lovely people. If you’d like an invite, shoot me a message either via a comment on this post or my Contact page with your Discord ID (including the bit with the # and the number) and I’ll get you added. There’s a special private channel specifically for anibloggers if you fancy hanging out and discussing our craft in an exclusive club!

Thanks for your continued support of MoeGamer, and I hope you find the new server fun!

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